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The year is 2004.

The United States has been taken over by an Emperor who has used his financial resources and religious fanatic ties to instill paranoia in the masses, utilizing his agencies and military might to force the free-thinking populace into conforming to his rigid personal standards.

This is not fiction.

Welcome to the Divided States of America.
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Dec. 19th, 2004 @ 03:38 pm As if the media hadn't slobbed this guy's knob enough...
George W. Bush selected as Person of the Year by TIME
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Dec. 9th, 2004 @ 11:26 pm 'We have to protect people'
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President Bush wants 'pro-homosexual' drama banned. Gary Taylor meets the politician in charge of making it happen

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Nov. 11th, 2004 @ 12:53 am Voter fraud almighty!
Take action to urge your elected officials to investigate potential voter fraud

Take Action!!

- In Columbus, Ohio, an electronic voting system reported that Bush received 4,258 votes while Kerry received 260 votes in a precinct where records show only 638 voters cast ballots;

- In North Carolina, a machine lost more than 4,500 votes due to a mistaken assumption about the memory capacity of a computer;

- In Youngstown, Ohio, and South Florida, numerous voters complained that when they tried to cast votes for Kerry, the machines instead recorded their votes for Bush.

Take Action!!

Feel free to paste the link in your journal too.

thanks for bringing this up, darkblood777
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Nov. 6th, 2004 @ 11:29 am Bush sparks Canada migration
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It's ironic when a place that makes fun of America (even in friendly ways) is more like what America is supposed to be than America itself is.
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Nov. 5th, 2004 @ 12:39 am Kerry Won...
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Nov. 4th, 2004 @ 03:28 pm HOT OFF THE PRESS - It's still not over!
(Snagged from Suburban Guerilla via docwebster)

"A friend of mine got off the phone with the office of the Ohio Secretary of State and was told the following:

- Kerry's concession has no legal bearing on who wins the election.

- Ohio has been using and counting provisional ballots the exact same way for the past 10 elections.

- Ohio and Federal law dictate that the state will wait 10 days and then begin counting the provisional ballots.

- All valid provisional ballots will be counted.

- The winner of the state of Ohio shall not be considered official until such time as all provisional ballots have been counted.

- If Kerry is found to win Ohio, regardless of his public concession, he will win the election.

The woman she spoke with asked that people post this information far and wide because, for whatever reason, the media aren't reporting it.

There remain a couple of questions though. As of yesterday, Secretary of State Blackwell said there were about 175,000 provisional ballots, but that didn't include about 10 counties that hadn't turned theirs in yet. Did those counties include huge democratic stronghold and highly populated Cuyahuga county, that contains Cleveland?"

Yeah, it's a slim hope but by gum it's hope!
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Nov. 4th, 2004 @ 02:28 pm (no subject)
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from t_rex

I have a proposal for those of you who may have voted in favor of the amendment to the Georgia constitution which would prevent same sex marriages or unions. Actually, this will apply to anyone who voted in favor of such an amendment in any other state.

If and when you find the love of your life and wish to marry him or her, or if you are already married, I would like for you to agree to let a random sampling of strangers determine if the two of you are fit to marry. If the majority of those polled think you shouldn't enjoy the benefits and responsibilities of legal marriage, then you have to just let it go and walk away. Sure, you can shack up, have sex, raise children together, buy a house, whatever. But you and your love may not be legally married, or enter into any kind of contract that vaguely resembles marriage.

For this proposal, you can't ask your friends or family members for their blessings and expect me to count that as valid. It has to be a random sample of people who don't know you, probably won't meet you, and who won't be impacted in the slightest by your decision to marry. Ideally, we should ask everyone who voted on the amendment, but since that isn't practical, I will settle for a random sample collected at some public venue. A shopping mall, maybe, or a large grocery store. A few hundred responses will do. We can present each random stranger with some perfunctory information about you and your beloved which will probably have nothing to do with anything important, but which may squick them if they aren't particularly openminded or comfortable with themselves. Maybe we will tell them about what you like to do in the bedroom. That will probably do the trick, no matter how boring in bed you may be. And no, you can't ask these people for approval yourselves. If you get any face time with your pollees, they may develop an opinion about you either positive or negative, and that would defeat the purpose of the survey. So I guess you will have to hire people to do the polling for you.

Now, if you are willing to abide by the results of this survey, and give up your own legal right to marry based on what a bunch of strangers think about your relationship, then I shall deem your logic to be consistent and leave you alone. I'll take back my "bigot" comment as it applies to you, and I'll even encourage those who may have dismissed you as a small minded busybody, or worse, to cut you some slack as well. Do we have a deal?
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Nov. 4th, 2004 @ 12:26 am (no subject)
from roundedges

god bless america
am i alone in asking, what twisted logic is this?

-when an unborn fetus matters more than the lives of 18 year old boys and girls who we so willingly send into battle
-when lying about a blowjob is cause for impeachment, yet lying about the reasons for going to war is not
-when bushies have to sign loyalty oaths to attend a campaign rally and candidates are not allowed to address each other in debates, yet Christians are told they cannot receive communion if they don't vote bush
-when the separation of church and state means nothing anymore yet the pope opposed the war
-when our president is for every man, except the gays, the blacks and, well, anyone who is not an Evangelical Christian
-When W stands for women, not war, while women's rights are being stripped away
-when Kerry's war record can be called into a question by a draft dodger
-When Fahrenheit 911 causes such an outrage for being partisan, yet the fox network can legitimately call themselves Fair and Balanced
-while gays are all sinners against God and the vice president's daughter is a lesbian
-and mentioning Mary Cheney is taboo because it hits to close to home. I'm sure being called sinners against God and being denied their rights hits gays pretty hard as well
-when questioning a man's war record and the reasons for marrying his wife are ok, but mentioning the gay daughter is not
-when bush claims to be the middle American cowboy, yet both he and Kerry were born into privilege, attended Yale and were part of Skull and Bones
-when we don't want our commander in chief and representative to the rest of the world to speak 6 languages because southerners find that hard to comprehend, and, besides, the French are anti-american
-when we have trouble defeating a country that can barely defend itself yet want to pursue Iran, a country that has access to nuclear weapons
-when we spread democracy to a country that wants nothing more from us than to let them be
-when our biggest concern was stopping an evil dictator who murdered thousands of people, yet we do nothing about the massacres in the Sudan
-when we give tax cuts to the rich and take from the poor, with no modern day Robin Hood to stop us
-when we support our troops by taking away their benefits
-when the bush campaign uses 9/11 as a political ploy, yet condemns any 9/11 widow for speaking out
-when a pack of cells is more important than the woman suffering from Parkinson's or the man with MS
-when we try and protect life at all costs, yet support the NRA and lift the assault weapons ban
-when we blame Janet Jackson or South Park for corrupting our youth while weapons are made readily available and speaking out is deemed unpatriotic
-when we condemn the martyrs and suicide bombers who attack in the name of Allah, yet blindly follow our president into a war he believed God favored
-when we think we can stop terrorism but do not realize it has been around since the dawn of argumentation
-when we are driven to a preemptive war by a man who sits idly by for 7 minutes while planes are driven into towers one and two
-when we destroy the taliban because of their backwards ways of thinking when we're still not sure about the theory of evolution or a woman's right to choose
-when our president represents only the evangelicals when our country is made up of Jews, Muslims and atheists, whites, blacks and Hispanics

Martin Luther King said: "The arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice."

This is a long arc indeed.
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Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 09:09 pm Bush on Re-Election
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"A new term is a new opportunity to reach out to the whole nation."
Bush has lashed out time and time again against the Democratic party, causing the most severe rift between members of this nation since the Civil War.

"I will do all I can do to deserve your trust."
Bush has consistently and fiercely fought to permanently write discrimination into our Constitution, even after originally stating that he was against any such action. He continues to do so.

Bush has allowed the ban on assault weapons to expire, after having used the ban to get into office orignally.

"To make this nation stronger and better, I will need your support and I will work to earn it."
Bush has invaded and destroyed the government of a major nation, and has yet to provide sufficient reason for starting the war which has killed thousands of our loved ones and countrymen. No end to the conflict is in sight.

Bush provides incentives to companies that have outsourced millions of jobs, and created the largest trade defecit in decades.

Bush actively endorses efforts to force American citizens to conform to narrow-minded Christian values, and to limit what you can do in your own lifestyle and in the privacy of your own home.

Is this the agenda you voted for? Did you actively sign your freedom to be an individual away?

We have a problem. Everybody with the basic skills of observation can see that. The devil we know is back, with renewed vigor.

Welcome... to four more years of the same thing.
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